Bio-Calcium Green Polymer

Our ‘self-destructing’ green polymer biotechnology sets a new standard for biodegradability

We use a patented bio-calcium green polymer technology derived from natural egg and seashells. This advancement in biotechnology reduces plastic and carbon emissions, while further bolstering recyclability and microbial control. As a sustainable alternative to plastic, bio-calcium has anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties and is resistant to far-infrared radiation. It is a reliable, reusable, and durable product that is made with non-toxic sustainable and recyclable biomaterials. This revolutionary biotechnology reduces greenhouse gas emissions, all at a competitive price.

Sustainability for a Circular Plastic Economy

Closing the loop:

  • ^Reduce
  • ^Replace
  • ^Reuse
  • ^Recycling
  • ^Waste-To-Energy

Our green polymer can entirely replace the plastic of many products including:


  • ^Single-use plastics


  • ^Fiber-based Remnants
  • ^Bio-PE
  • ^Paper/Card board
  • ^Wood /Bamboo


  • ^Recycled Marine Plastic Debris (PET/PP/PE)
  • ^Recycled PCR : PET / ABS / PS


  • ^Bio-calcium
  • ^Natural fiber cloth
  • ^Mushroom root
  • ^Stone paper

How It Works / Why it’s necessary:

Automatic Eggshell Disinfection & Extraction & Thermal Treatment

Patented Powder Formulation

Compounding and Pelletizing

The environment is already heavily polluted with plastics and ‘forever chemicals’, leading to ever increasing ecological degradation. Regardless of the industry, convenience and disposability are prioritized over long-lasting sustainability. Over one-third of plastic packaging ends up in the environment and the global reliance on chemical treatments pollute precious air and water resources. Global estimates predict a mass of four billion tonnes of fugitive plastics by 2050. UltraZeo’s mission is disrupt the status quo, reducing plastic and chemical waste by promoting biodegradable green polymer plastics and textiles, as well as natural antimicrobial technologies. With each polymer replaced with our natural biotechnology, we are able to prove that green solutions can be both financially beneficial and technologically competitive.

Non-biodegradable plastic is reduced or eliminated when our patented bio-calcium technology is integrated with or applied to your product. With our advanced biotechnology, biotransformation begins spontaneously with the exposure of our green polymer to the environment. A multifactor process composed of carbon-carbon bond scission, hydrolysis, oxidation, and ‘synthetic’ prebiotics initiates biodegradation, leading to the elimination of microplastics. Furthermore, third party analysis has proven our technology leads to the full biodegradation of polyefins.  By replacing some or all your packaging material with bio-calcium, you will effectively reduce plastic waste.

Bio-Calcium Applications: